• maternal age;
  • nulliparity;
  • postnatal women;
  • postpartum care

This study aimed to describe the postpartum experiences of older Japanese primiparas during the first month after childbirth. The participants were 21 primiparous women over 35 years of age who gave birth to a healthy child at three urban hospitals. Data were collected from July 2011 to April 2012 through a semi-structured interview about postpartum experiences after discharge. Data were analysed using content analysis. We obtained Institutional Review Boards' approval and written informed consent from all participants prior to study initiation. Thirteen themes of postpartum experiences were extracted. The findings revealed that the mothers' experiences varied greatly and were highly personal. Also, participants described common experiences, unique child-care support needs and the strengths of older primiparas. Understanding the postpartum experiences of older primiparas assists health-care professionals to identify better ways to provide appropriate support.