World Stroke Academy revamped


The World Stroke Academy (WSA) is proud to appear in a new design and a new structure. Not only has our web presence been improved but the mechanisms of module production and editorial presentation have been brought up to date. We have teamed up with Wiley in order to deliver higher quality online stroke education. We are also strengthening the links between this educational resource and the journal proper of the WSO, the International Journal of Stroke, by doing so we can synchronize our efforts and add educational material such as podcasts, summaries and editorials around appropriate content within the journal. On our educational website all materials are peer-reviewed and written by renowned experts in the field, and the CPD credits can be earned by completing the e-learning modules. Adhering to adult learning principles meant that we had to learn to be as short and precise as possible, in order not to strain the attention span of our colleagues. After refurbishing, readjusting and revamping our WSA website several times, we have learned that the best messages have to be focused towards a defined learning goal. We shall try to do just that. Why not have a go at a module and then let us know how this increases your knowledge and improves your skills?

We have also reconstituted ourselves as an editorial team. I was appointed by the WSO President, Professor Stephen Davis as the Editor-in-Chief for the WSA and luckily have been assigned a team of dedicated experts: Martina Weber, Editorial Assistant, and Raoul Eckhardt, MD, CME Editor, from the WSA Editorial Office at Danube-University Krems in Austria; Gavin Sharrock, Paul Cumine and Sally Cowlard from Wiley in Oxford, UK; and Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins, Managing Editor from the International Journal of Stroke Editorial Office in Melbourne. In addition, the Editorial Board of the WSA consists of experts from all world regions and benefits from the help and guidance of Professor Geoffrey A. Donnan, Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Stroke.