Women Stroke Association statement on stroke


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We describe the current and future objectives of the Women Stroke Association, a nonprofit multidisciplinary organization promoting research awareness on medical, psychological, and social issues concerning women affected by cerebro-cardiovascular disease. In this paper, we deal with only cerebrovascular disease, whereas cardiovascular disorders will be addressed in a future paper. Gender differences in the clinical presentation of cerebrovascular diseases have been repeatedly suggested, and some treatment options may not be as effective and safe in men and women. For many years, women have either been underrepresented or excluded from randomized clinical trials, and the majority of therapeutic research has been carried on predominantly male populations. Furthermore, gender differences have been shown to contribute to different responses to cerebrovascular drugs in women when compared with men, regarding pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and physiology. In this statement, we discuss main research fields relevant to Women Stroke Association's mission and commitment, highlighting opportunities and critical from the women's health perspective. Future directions and goals of the Women Stroke Association arise from these considerations and represent the association's commitment to combating stroke.