Figure S1. Typical fluorescence difference gel analysis of Teleogryllus oceanicus sperm and seminal fluid proteomes. Sperm proteins are labelled in red (cy5), seminal fluid proteins are labelled in green (cy3), overlapping protein spots appear yellow (arrows).


Table S1. Identified Teleogryllus oceanicus sperm (ToSp) and seminal fluid (ToSfp) proteins. One-dimensional protein band and two-dimensional protein spot names match to Fig. 1. Protein name, reference number of 454-sequencing-derived transcript, the tissue origin of the transcript sequence, annotation of the closest blastn score (E < 10-10, bit score > 100), functional category of the protein based on the annotation.


Table S2. The range of gene ontology assignments for sperm and seminal fluid isotig sequences from BLAST2GO.


Table S3. Tests for sequence similarity for Teleogryllus oceanicus sperm and seminal fluid proteins with the sperm and seminal fluid proteomes of other insects and human, and predictions of protein secretion. Patterns of tissue expression of isotigs/contigs are provided with heatmap illustrating relatively high (red) to low (green) expression.


Appendix S1.Teleogryllus oceanicus database used to identify proteins in the Mascot search engine version 2.1.04.


Appendix S2. The 78 Teleogryllus oceanicus isotig consensus sequences that were matched to protein mass spectra.

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