Figure S1. Intensity of SINV-TR339eGFP infection in Carb/B2-133 and HWE mosquitoes. Carb/B2-133 mosquitoes over-expressed FHV-B2 in midguts of blood-fed females from the Aedes aegypti carboxypeptidase A-1 (AeCPA-1) promoter. The transgenic line was unstable and was lost after this single challenge experiment. Females were orally challenged with SINV-TR339eGFP 1 week post-eclosion. Each data point represents the virus titre (pfu/ml) in an individual midgut or carcass as analysed by plaque assays at 7 days post-bloodmeal. P-values (α = 0.05) for infection rates and mean viral titres are shown in the table.


Figure S2. Survival curve of PUbB2 P61 and HWE control mosquitoes infected with SINV-TE3′2JeGFP. Seven days post-eclosion, PUbB2 P61 and HWE females were either fed with a non-infectious bloodmeal or with a bloodmeal containing SINV-TE3′2JeGFP (titre in the bloodmeal: 2.7 × 107 pfu/ml). After blood-feeding, 20 mosquitoes of each treatment were put into 470 ml cardboard containers and provided with sugar and water. For a period of 29 days after blood-feeding the daily number of surviving mosquitoes in each container was recorded. Relative survival (average of three replicates per treatment) is shown.

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