Figure S1. CpG o/e profiles (and GpC o/e – inset) for (A) Reticulitermes flavipes, (B) C. formosanus, and (C) Homo sapiens, as well as a (D) density graph comparing all of their distributions. These comparisons demonstrate that genic methylation levels in termites may be very similar to genic methylation levels in mammals.

Figure S2. CpG o/e (and GpC o/e – inset) of the (A) pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum official gene set and (B) assembled expressed sequence tag library similar to those in this study, demonstrating our methods of assembly do not alter the CpG o/e distributions noticeably, relative to actual coding sequence annotation.

Figure S3. Comparison of Spearman's rank correlations of gene sequence for (A) GpC o/e and (B) CpG o/e levels between select invertebrates and Reticulitermes flavipes and C. formosanus. Notably, the correlations for CpG o/e, but not GpC o/e, vary drastically, indicating the action of DNA methylation on CpG, but not GpC, dinucleotides.

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