Figure S1. Developmental expression of ApHb protein during oogenesis and early embryogenesis in the asexual pea aphid. Germaria and anterior region of egg chambers are to the left. Immunostaining protocols were as described by Chang et al. (2006). (A) Ovarioles stained with affinity-purified antibody against ApHb protein. Staining signals of ApHb were identified in germaria and cytoplasm of embryos undergoing nuclear division (here we present staining results in stage-3 embryos as an example). Intensity of ApHb signals declined in embryos undergoing blastulation (stages 5–6 of development). Arrowhead and hollow arrowhead indicate places where localization of Aphb mRNA was shown in stage-3 and stage-6 embryos in Fig. 5A, respectively. (B) Negative control. Ovarioles were stained without the application of primary antibody. No staining signals were detected. For abbreviations please refer the legend of Fig. 2. Scale bar, 20 μm.

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