Figure S1. Dotplot comparison of the complete hAT-4 Bombyx mori (hAT-4_BM) consensus sequence with the complete Rhodnius prolixus-hAT1 (RP-hAT1) consensus sequence.


Figure S2. (A) Alignment of four sequencing copies of Bombyx mori miniature inverted repeat transposable element 15 (Bm-MITE15). Arrows indicate their target site duplication. (B) Evidence of insertion polymorphism of two copies of Bm-MITE15. Black indicates identical bases, and dotted lines indicate gaps. The strains analysed were Dazao (1), 871C (3) and Bibo (4).


Figure S3. Phylogenetic analysis of copies of hAT-4 Bombyx mori (hAT-4_BM) and Rhodnius prolixus-hAT1 (RP-hAT1). Their respective copies are given in brackets. HAT-34_HM and hAT-34_SM were used as the outgroup. The phylogeny was built using MEGA 4. Bootstrap values <50% were excluded. HM, Hydra magnipapillata; SM, Schmidtea mediterranea.


Figure S4. Alignment of sequencing copies of hAT transposons in Bombyx mori, Rhodnius prolixus and Samia cynthia ricini. Locations of primers specific for this hAT transposon are shown using arrows. Black indicates identical bases, and dotted lines indicate gaps.

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