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Is there an Intermarriage Premium for Male Immigrants? Exogamy and Earnings in Sweden 1990–2009


  • This work has been done within the project “Partner Choice and Career” financed by the Swedish Research council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE). Previous versions of this article were presented at the Swedish Integration Conference, Lund 2009, the Centre for Economic Demography, Lund University and at the Centre for Labor Market Policy Research, Linnaeus University. We are grateful to participants for their comments and suggestion.


This paper analyzes the impact of intermarriage on the economic integration of immigrants in Sweden, measured by annual earnings. We use longitudinal register data for the period 1990–2009 for the total population of immigrant men born 1960–1974. The results reveal large intermarriage premiums, but overall this seems to be a result of selection effects as most of the premium is visible already at the time of marriage. For the most economically marginalized immigrants, however, an intermarriage premium arises within marriage implying that forming a union with a native triggers a more rapid earnings growth among them.