Board Committee Meetings and Firm Financial Performance: An Investigation of Australian Companies


  • Helpful comments and suggestions from the editor, an associate editor, and a referee are gratefully acknowledged. The authors are indebted to the Department of Accounting and Finance, Monash University, Australia for funding the study. The authors are also thankful to Salina Siddque for her excellent research assistance. The authors bear full responsibility for any errors that may remain.


This article examines how the frequency of board committee meetings impacts on Australian firms' financial performance. Data were collected from 118 Australian listed companies – including 26 financial firms and 92 nonfinancial firms – for the period 1999–2007. Analysis of that data shows that the frequencies of audit committee meetings and remuneration committee meetings are positively and significantly associated with return on equity and return on assets. The frequencies of risk committee meetings do not show any significant effects on the financial performance of Australian firms. Estimated results are found to be robust after controlling for internal as well as external governance mechanisms that might affect Australian firm performance.