The influence of internal union factions on union renewal strategies: the case of the Finnish Paper Workers' Union


  • Paul Jonker-Hoffrén

    Doctor of Social Sciences, Corresponding author
    • Department of Social Sciences, Sociology and the Turku Centre for Labour Studies, University of Turku
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  • His dissertation is called ‘The Finnish Paper Workers' Union at a Cross-Roads: Labour Union Representativeness in a Changing Environment 1980–2008.’

Correspondence should be addressed to Paul Jonker-Hoffrén, Department of Social Sciences, Sociology, University of Turku, Assistentinkatu 7, 20014 Turku, Finland; email:


In 2008, the collective agreement of the Finnish paper industry was significantly rewritten. This case study analyses the influence of internal factions on the capability of the Finnish Paper Workers' Union to shift to a strategy of partnership. It is shown that resistance to change was especially strong with longer-serving shop stewards, and the strong division into factions implies limits to the extent of partnership in the Finnish paper industry.