Transfer of labour-management partnership in multinational companies


  • Monica Rolfsen

    Associate Professor, Corresponding author
    • Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
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There has been a growing interest in how multinational corporations transfer various management practices from one country to another. The positions vary from an extreme where all practices will become globally standardised; to claims that the local context will be a decisive factor. In this article, the research question is why an MNC would want to transfer the partnership practice and what the key elements to success might be. As pointed to, partnership is a part of the company's business system, the way they are used to operating. Also important is that the risk of failing in terms of technological issues was important, and thus commitment and cooperation are crucial. Success can be understood by their effort to reduce the institutional distance as much as possible, including the choice of location, hiring policy emphasis on education and training, the strategy of building strong connections to the senior shop steward.