God of Life, Lead Us to Justice and Peace: Reflection from an Asian and Korean Church Perspective


  • Rev. Dr In Sik Hong


The 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC) will be held in Busan, Republic of Korea, from 30 October to 8 November 2013, on the theme “God of Life, Lead Us to Justice and Peace.” Having recognized the importance and urgency of the WCC theme, I would like to reflect on, and review it especially from the perspective of the Asian and Korean church. I suggest that we rethink the questions of:1. Hunger, Poverty, and Illness: Justice and Shalom. There is an urgent need for an ecumenical programme in Asia, and it ought to be focused on justice and shalom. 2. Cultures and Religions: The challenge for Asian Christianity is to find an authentic Asian identity for the sake of the gospel. 3. Ecological Destruction.

What do we expect from the 10th WCC Assembly? (1) A deepening of the topic justice: Discussing life and peace through the lens of justice; (2) A deepening of the economic-political perspective: Critical analysis of the neo-liberal economic system through theology and Christian faith in order to warn of it's the satanic character; (3) Recognition of the new Pentecostal and charismatic force in Christianity: Deepening its study and reflecting on potential theological reductionism; (4) Discussion of an inclusive rather than exclusive ecumenical mission: From monologue to dialogue.

We continue our call, our action, and our reflection in order to participate in God's mission that people may have justice, life, and peace. This is God's shalom, so that we can fully enjoy the feast of the church worldwide, celebrating the 10th meeting of the WCC in the Korean city of Busan. As the church in Korea and Asia, we hope that the festival will be an opportunity to reaffirm that another world is possible.