• Cohort study;
  • entero/rhinovirus;
  • respiratory viruses

Please cite this paper as: Kim et al. (2012) Characteristics of respiratory viral infections during influenza season in Canadian Hutterite Communities. Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses DOI:10.1111/irv.12021.

Objectives:  To determined the pathogen-specific incidence of respiratory virus infection in Hutterite communities occurring over the 2008–2009 influenza season and assess temporal characteristics of respiratory illness related to infection.

Methods:  3273 participants community members enrolled in a cluster randomized trial of influenza vaccine were studied.

Results:  One hundred forty-nine participants had laboratory-confirmed influenza, and 595 had at least one episode of laboratory-confirmed respiratory viral infection other than influenza. Entero/rhinovirus had the highest incidence among children <5 years.

Conclusions:  A decline in the incidence of infections with age was observed for influenza as well as for most other respiratory viruses.