Figure S1. Serotype-specific responses are demonstrated in the bar graphs below.

Figure S2. CFSE was used to measure proliferation in response to PHA or to influenza proteins.

Figure S3. A T cell ELISPOT was used to examine global responses (PMA and ionomycin) or to a cocktail of influenza peptides or whole protein.

Figure S4. The solid tumor group was divided into three cohorts depending on the number of months of cumulative chemotherapy they had received on the day of vaccination.

Figure S5. A B cell ELISPOT was used to define differences between the three solid tumor cohorts.

Figure S6. T cell subsets were analyzed in the solid tumor group after stratification for the length of time on chemotherapy.

Figure S7. T cell ELISPOT responses were compared between the three solid tumor cohorts.

Figure S8. T cell proliferation was analyzed using CFSE in the three solid tumor cohorts, stratified according to the time on chemotherapy.

Table S1. Spearman Correlation Analysis of baseline variables and HAI titers.

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