irv12144-sup-0001-FigS1.tifimage/tif1551KFigure S1. N-glycan profile of two swine lungs for comparison.
irv12144-sup-0002-FigS2.tifimage/tif5154KFigure S2. Neu5Gc staining of swine bronchiole and lung parenchyma ×200.
irv12144-sup-0003-FigS3.tifimage/tif981KFigure S3. Virus replication kinetics of 3 control swine (A) and human (B,C) viruses in ex vivo trachea and lung.
irv12144-sup-0004-FigS4.tifimage/tif3366KFigure S4. Immunohistochemistry for influenza nucleoprotein in the tracheas infected with A/Chicken/HK/Y280/97, A/Quail/HK/G1/97 (J), A/Northpintail/HK/MP5883/04 and A/Swine/HK/4167/99 and fixed at 48 hours.

Table S1. Swine lung N-glycan profile.

Table S2. Swine lung sialidase treatment N-glycan profile.

Table S3. Swine trachea N-glycan profile.

Table S4. Swine trachea sialidase treatment N-glycan profile.

Table S5. Swine lung O-glycan profile.

Table S6. Mini-pig lung N-glycan profile.

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