A comprehensive note on “Lot-sizing decisions for deteriorating items with two warehouses under an order-size-dependent trade credit”



To reduce inventory and increase sales, the supplier frequently offers the retailer a permissible delay in payments if the retailer orders more than or equal to a predetermined quantity. In 2012, Liao et al. proposed an economic order quantity model for a retailer with two warehouses when the supplier offers a permissible delay linked to order quantity. In this paper, we attempt to overcome some shortcomings of their mathematical model. Then, we apply some existing theoretical results in fractional convex programs to prove that the annual total variable cost is pseudoconvex. Hence, the optimal solution exists uniquely, which simplifies the search for the global minimum solution to a local minimum solution. Finally, we run a couple of numerical examples to illustrate the problem and compare the optimal solutions between theirs and ours.