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Conservation breeding of Shortfin eels Anguilla australis and Giant kokopu Galaxias argenteus at Mahurangi Technical Institute using aquarium and aquaculture techniques



Mahurangi Technical Institute (MTI) operates a commercial fish hatchery that conducts aquaculture research, acts as a teaching tool for aquaculture students, breeds native fish for reintroduction projects, and for supply to zoos and public aquariums for display, as well as breeding selected introduced species for biological control of aquatic weeds throughout New Zealand. This research arm has a long and successful history in the breeding and rearing of a number of fish species, including New Zealand native threatened freshwater-fish species. The Shortfin eel Anguilla australis, Giant kokopu Galaxias argenteus, Banded kokopu Galaxias fasciatus, Shortjaw kokopu Galaxias postvectis, Koaro Galaxias brevipinnis, Redfin bully Gobiomorphus huttoni, Common bully Gobiomorphus cotidianus, Giant bully Gobiomorphus gobioides, Cran's bully Gobiomorphus basalis, Freshwater shrimp Paratya curvirostris and Freshwater crab Amarinus lacustris have all been bred successfully at MTI. Of these native species, MTI has successfully closed the lifecycle of Giant kokopu, Banded kokopu, Cran's bully, Common bully, Freshwater shrimp and Freshwater crab. This paper focuses on work so far conducted to close the lifecycle of the Shortfin eel and the Giant kokopu.