• activity;
  • aggression;
  • behaviour;
  • brown kiwi;
  • enrichment;
  • monitoring;
  • territoriality;
  • video-graphic study

The kiwi, indigenous to New Zealand, is a small flightless bird that is unique in the avian world. Detailed studies in kiwi behaviour are limited because of the nocturnal nature of the species. In this study, two juvenile Brown kiwi Apteryx mantelli chicks were monitored using a video camera for about 24 hours over a period of 2 months. Primarily, this study focused on the budgeting of 26 distinct behaviours during different time periods. Many of the behaviours, such as ‘feeding’, ‘drinking’ and ‘probing’, had similar totals, compared with other behaviours, such as ‘aggression’, ‘stretching body’ and ‘jumping’, which were predominantly expressed by one individual. Certain behaviours, such as ‘pacing’, ‘running’ and ‘jumping’, were often seen more frequently at certain time periods. Territoriality, including changes pertaining to the individual and their size of territory, was also noted as the observations progressed. This study provides a better understanding of the behaviour of Brown kiwi chicks in terms of budgeting different behaviours and interactions between juvenile ♀♀.