Examining Market Information and Brand Equity Through Resource-Advantage Theory: A Carrier Perspective


Corresponding author:
Susan L. Golicic, Department of Management, Colorado State University, 209 Rockwell Hall, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1275, USA; E-mail: susan.golicic@colostate.edu


To survive in this challenging economic environment, transportation providers must differentiate themselves in the eyes of current and potential customers. Consequently, they are seeking to develop superior resources that allow them to build greater awareness of and distinctive images for their brands. Those that are successful achieve higher levels of brand equity and, ultimately, positions of competitive advantage in the logistics services industry. This research applies resource-advantage theory to investigate the role of market information in creating an informational advantage to build brand equity for transportation providers. Results from a survey of motor carriers indicate that informational advantage mediates the impact of market information resources on the levels of brand image and brand awareness, two dimensions of a firm’s brand equity.