A Note on One-Sided Tests with Multiple Endpoints


  • Michael D. Perlman,

  • Lang Wu


This article is corrected by:

  1. Errata: Correction to “A Note on One-Sided Tests with Multiple Endpoints,” by M. D. Perlman and L. Wu; 60, 276–280, March 2004 Volume 63, Issue 2, 622, Article first published online: June 2007


Summary.  Testing problems with multivariate one-sided alternative hypotheses are common in clinical trials with multiple endpoints. In the case of comparing two treatments, treatment 1 is often preferred if it is superior for at least one of the endpoints and not biologically inferior for the remaining endpoints. Bloch et al. (2001, Biometrics57, 1039–1047) propose an intersection–union test (IUT) for this testing problem, but their test does not utilize the appropriate multivariate one-sided test. In this note we modify their test by an alternative IUT that does utilize the appropriate one-sided test. Empirical and graphical evidence show that the proposed test is more appropriate for this testing problem.