Distribution of chemo- and mechanoreceptors on the tarsi and ovipositor of female European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana


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We describe the number, distribution, and function of sensilla located on different organs of Lobesia botrana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) females using scanning electron microscopy, selective staining, and contact electrophysiology. The tarsi of the prothoracic legs bear contact chemo-mechanoreceptor sensilla chaetica (5–13 per tarsomere), arranged in rings mainly concentrated on ventral surfaces, and different mechanosensory structures (sensilla chaetica, sensilla squamiformia, sensilla campaniformia, and spines). A single contact chemo-mechanoreceptor sensillum chaeticum is present between the claws on the pretarsus. The ventral surface of the ovipositor lobes is covered with numerous mechanosensory sensilla chaetica of different types, out of which 10 have a contact chemosensory function. Putative contact chemo-mechanoreceptor sensilla were also observed on the proboscis and antenna. Longitudinal rows of alternated sensilla styloconica and basiconica are present on the distal part of the proboscis, and rings of sensilla chaetica are present at the antennal tip. The sensilla on these body parts may play different roles in the selection of an oviposition site.