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Direct-Supervision and Remote-Supervision Jails: A Comparative Study of Psychosocial Factors


  • 1The authors thank Margaret Diddams, Ph.D. for her editorial assistance, as well as the reviewer of this manuscript whose comments were invaluable.


The direct-supervision style correctional facility has been offered as a design that provides a better atmosphere for staff and inmates. Prior research has shown minor support in favor of the general environment created by direct-supervision facilities. However, the claims of benefits associated with direct supervision far outweigh the number of empirical research studies on the design. This research examined corrections officers' and inmates' feelings of boredom, perceived control, aggression, attitudes toward each other, and stress in a direct-supervision style facility and a remote-supervision style facility. Results from 164 inmates and 82 correctional officers showed that staff in the direct-supervision facility reported elevated levels of perceived control, less anger and hostility, and less boredom.