X-ray high-resolution vascular network imaging


Dr Franck Plouraboué. Fax: +33 05 61 28 58 99; e-mail: plourab@imft.fr


This paper presents the first application of high-resolution X-ray synchrotron tomography to the imaging of large microvascular networks in biological tissue samples. This technique offers the opportunity of analysing the full three-dimensional vascular network from the micrometre to the millimetre scale. This paper presents the specific sample preparation method and the X-ray imaging procedure. Either barium or iron was injected as contrast agent in the vascular network. The impact of the composition and concentration of the injected solution on the X-ray synchrotron tomography images has been studied. Two imaging modes, attenuation and phase contrast, are compared. Synchrotron high-resolution computed tomography offers new prospects in the three-dimensional imaging of in situ biological vascular networks.