Ortega-Olivencia, A., Rodrìguez-Riaño, T., Valtueña, F. J., López, J. and Devesa, J. A. 2005. First confirmation of a native bird-pollinated plant in Europe. – Oikos 110: 578–590.

The last sentence of the abstract is incomplete because several words have been omitted. The complete sentence should be say “This is the first proof of the existence of a native European bird-pollinated plant, since besides its peculiarities (flowers odourless, pseudotubular, with no landing platform, pendulous, diurnal anthesis, copious dilute hexose-rich nectar), the flowers of the studied populations were mainly pollinated by three passeriform species.”


McCutchan, J. H. Jr., Lewis, W. M., Kendall, C. and McGrath, C. C. 2003. Variation in trophic shift for stable isotope ratios of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur. – Oikos 102: 378–390.

1) Equation 2, which reads “λ=((δ15Nconsumer−δ15Nbase)/Δδ15N)+2”, should read “λ=((δ15Nconsumer−δ15Nbase)/Δδ15N)+1”.

2) In Appedix 1, two of the values for Δδ13C from the paper by Teeri and Schoeller (1979) are given correctly. The value for the corn diet shoud read +1.8, rather than −2.7; in the next row arter the corn diet (i.e. the first of the prepared diets), the value for Δδ13C should be +1.9, rather than +1.8. These two errors in the appendix occurred during the preparation of the manuscript and do not affect any of the values presented in the body of the paper.

Jimmy McCutchan