Book Reviews


Knowing Persons: a Study in Plato. By Lloyd Gerson.

Cognition of Value in Aristotle's Ethics: Promise of Enrichment, Threat of Destruction. By Deborah Achtenberg.

Aristotle: Political Philosophy. By Richard Kraut.

Mind, Metaphysics and Value in the Thomistic and Analytical Traditions. Edited By John Haldane.

Thomas Aquinas: Approaches to Truth. Edited By James Mcevoy and Michael Dunne

After Aquinas: Versions of Thomism. By Fergus Kerr

Aquinas. By Brian Davies

Thomas Aquinas on Human Nature. By Robert Pasnau

A Companion to Early Modern Philosophy. Edited By Steven Nadler

Kant: a Biography. by Manfred Kuehn

Knowledge and its Place in Nature. by Hilary Kornblith

Belief's Own Ethics. By Jonathan E. Adler

Intellectual Trust in Oneself and Others. by Richard Foley

Impartiality in Moral and Political Philosophy. by Susan Mendus

The Culture of Toleration in Diverse Societies. Edited by Catriona Mckinnon and Dario Castiglione

The Moral and Political Status of Children. Edited by David Archard and Colin Macleod