Book Reviewed in this article:

The Rice Economy of Asia. Randolph Barker and Robert W. Herdt with Beth Rose.

Using Microcomputers: A Guidebook for Writers, Teachers, and Researchers in the Social Sciences. Blaine A.

Erie—the Lake that Survived. Noel M. Burns.

Geology and Society. Donald R. Coates.

Caves and Karst of Kentucky. Percy H. Dougherty, ed.

Altered Harvest: Agriculture, Genetics, and the Fate of the World's Food Supply. Jack Doyle.

The Middle East and North Africa, A Political Geography. Alasdair Drysdale and Gerald H. Blake.

Clamor at the Gates. The New American Immigration. Nathan Glazer, ed.

Development and the Landowner: An analysis of the British experience. Robin Goodchild and Richard Munton.

Discovering Landscape in England and Wales. Andrew Goudie and Rita Gardner.

The Modern Plantation in the Third World. Edgar Graham and Ingrid Floering.

Social Relations and Spatial Structures. Derek Gregory and John Urry, eds.

The World Food Problem 1950–1980. David Grigg.

Costa Rica: A Geographical Interpretation in Historical Perspective. Carolyn Hall.

The Urbanization of Capital: Studies in the History and Theory of Capitalist Urbanization. David Harvey

Consciousness and the Urban Experience: Studies in the History and Theory of Capitalist Urbanization. David Harvey.

Reviving Main Street. Deryck Holdsworth, ed.

Rural Roads and Poverty Alleviation. John Howe and Peter Richards, eds.

Uneven Development in Southern Europe: Studies of Accumulation, Class, Migration and the State. Ray Hudson and Jim Lewis, eds.

Karst Geomorphology. J. N. Jennings.

The Geomorphology of North-west England. R. H. Johnson, ed.

Climate Impact Assessment: Studies of the Interaction of Climate and Society. Robert Kates, Jesse Ausubel, Mimi Berberian, eds.

Public Service Provision and Urban Development. Andrew Kirby, Paul Knox, and Steven Pinch, ed.

State and Market: The Politics of the Public and the Private. Jan-Erik Lane, ed.

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World Climatic Systems. John G. Lockwood.

Urban Ethnicity in the United States. New Immigrants and Old Minorities. Lionel Maldonaldo and Joan Moore, eds.

Culture and Conservation: The Human Dimension in Environmental Planning. Jeffrey A. McNeely and David Pitt, eds.

The Andean Past. Land, Societies, and Conflicts. Magnus Mörner.

Gaia: An Atlas of Planet Management. Norman Myers, ed.

Progress in Industrial Geography. Michael Pacione, ed.

Progress in Political Geography. Michael Pacione, ed.

Rivers and Landscape. Geoff Petts and Ian Foster.

Urbanization and Planning in the 3rd World: Spatial Perceptions and Public Participation. Robert B. Potter.

One Island, Two Nations? A Political Geographical Analysis of the National Conflict in Ireland. D. G. Pringle.

Circulation in Third World Countries. R. Mansell Prothero and Murray Chapman.

The Ozarks Outdoors: A Guide for Fishermen, Hunters, and Tourists. Milton D. Rafferty.

Suburban Burglary: A Time and a Place for Everything. George Rengert and John Wasilchick.

Geomorphology and Soils. K.S. Richards, R.R. Arnett, and S. Ellis, eds.

The Homes and Homeless of Post-War Britain. Frederick Shaw.

Indochinese Refugees in America. Paul J. Strand and Woodrow Jones, Jr.

Wild Horses and Sacred Cows. Richard Symanski.

Forever Wild: Environmental Aesthetics and the Adirondack Forest Preserve. Philip G. Terrie.

The Regional Economic Impact of Technological Change. A.T. Thwaites and R.P. Oakey, eds.

The Good Life. Yi-Fu Tuan.