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Towards the Relational Construction of Militant Particularisms: Or Why the Geographies of Past Struggles Matter for Resistance to Neoliberal Globalisation



This paper argues that rejecting a bounded notion of past struggles can generate stories that resonate with the diverse and spatially stretched resistances to neoliberal globalisation. It explores some of the routes and connections which made up subaltern struggles in eighteenth-century London. It uses these stories to position militant particularisms as mobile, as the product of interrelations and as actively negotiating spatial relations rather than as fixed, bounded, origins of political struggles. The final section of the paper uses this re-imagining of militant particularisms to address key tensions in counter-globalisation politics. The paper argues that choices between local or global resistance are false and destructive of political possibilities. It contends that connections between different place-located struggles are crucial to opposing exclusionary nationalist oppositions to globalisation.