Multiple blue nevi have rarely been reported, and the majority of the lesions are located on the trunk and lower extremities. The blue nevus is a rare lesion on genital mucosa and may cause confusion in differential diagnosis with other pigmented lesions such as genital melanocytic macules, lentigo simplex, and malignant melanoma. Here, we describe an unusual patient who presented with a sudden onset in adulthood of multiple blue nevi on the glans penis. The epiluminescence examination revealed a substantially homogenous bluish pigmentation, which led us to favor a diagnosis of blue nevus, whereas not entirely excluding the possibility of a regressing melanoma or a metastatic melanoma. Because of the well-known diagnostic value of the blue hue in the diagnosis of malignancy by dermoscopy, a careful examination of these lesions should be made in order to minimize any risk of misclassification with melanoma.