• nasal contact;
  • facial pain;
  • paranasal sinus;
  • CT

Nasal septal mucosal contact points: associated symptoms and sinus CT scan scoring An association between nasal septal mucosal contact points and facial pain has often been quoted, but may be coincidental. CT scans of 100 consecutive rhinology patients were examined for contact points, and the sinuses were scored according to the Lund–Mackay system. The patients' nasal symptoms were recorded using validated questions. Contact of the nasal septum with the lateral nasal structures was identified in 55 patients. The presence of contact was significantly (P < 0.01) associated with nasal blockage and reduction of smell, but there was no association with facial pain. The median Lund–Mackay score for scans with contact was significantly greater than the score for scans without contact. Whereas the results of the study support the hypothesis that nasal contact may impede ventilation and drainage of the paranasal sinuses, the study finds no evidence to support the concept that contact points cause facial pain or headaches.