Recommendations from Listening to Mothers: The First National U.S. Survey of Women's Childbearing Experiences


  • Maternity Center Association

  • The Maternity Association, New York City, New York, issued the Recommendations published in this article. An electronic file of the full report of the survey is available at the Maternity Center Association website at:

Maureen P. Corry, MPH, Executive Director, Maternity Center Association, 281 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010, United States.


Abstract:  Listening to Mothers is the first national United States survey that explored women's attitudes, feelings, and knowledge about their maternity care and childbearing experiences. The report also systematically documented at the national level the frequency of many aspects of childbearing from prepregnancy care through postpartum physical and mental health outcomes. The results have increased understanding about many dimensions of childbearing in the United States and identified opportunities for improving the maternity experience in the country. The survey was a project of the Maternity Center Association in New York City, which also developed recommendations published in response to survey results. (BIRTH 31:1 March 2004)