• public health nurse;
  • tool;
  • standardization;
  • quality assurance

Abstract  Public health nursing is recognized as an important and critical component of the public health workforce, and today, it makes up the largest single category of public health professionals, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Preparation of generalist public health nurses with the knowledge base, skills, and training to effectively respond to public health challenges is essential. The County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services, Public Health Nursing Section, in response to this need, implemented the Public Health Nursing Practice Manual to provide public health nurses with interventions and guidelines to articulate their role and practice as outlined by the framework of the Public Health Nursing Practice Model developed by Los Angeles County. Identification and development of new methods to support the practice of nursing is imperative in facilitating a more sophisticated and expanded level of practice, as well as providing a means of improving, protecting, and enhancing the quality of health for all people. The Public Health Nursing Practice Manual is an effective tool to monitor performance improvement and provide standardization of the generalist public health nurse practicing in Los Angeles County.