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The Baby Think It Over™ Experience to Prevent Teen Pregnancy: A Postintervention Evaluation


  • Judy Didion is Assistant Professor, Medical College of Ohio, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Specialist, Wood County Health Department, Ohio. Helen Gatzke is Assistant Professor, Medical College of Ohio, Ohio.

Judy Didion, Wood County Health Department, 1840 East Gypsy Lane Road, Bowling Green, OH 43402. E-mail:


Abstract  An evaluation was conducted to describe the personal impact of the “In Your Care” pregnancy prevention intervention program using Baby Think It Over™ infant simulator. Data was collected regarding the attitudes, actual and intended sexual practices, feelings, and opinions of participants 2 or 3 years after the intervention. Student recommendations for program continuation and improvement were also solicited. Male and female 11th grade students in rural and suburban Midwestern communities, who had experienced the program 2 or 3 years earlier, completed surveys and were interviewed in focus groups. Participants vividly recalled and described the simulated experience in statements that reflected insight and feelings about parental responsibility and the consequences of teen pregnancy. The teens also made several recommendations for enhancing the program. The findings suggest that simulated experiences can be a powerful strategy for effective learning about complex decisions regarding the risks of sexual activity and the realities of parenting.