• public health nursing history;
  • Reese;
  • Visiting Nurse Service of New York

Abstract  Eva Miller Reese is a former director of the Visiting Nurse Services of New York (1964–1976) and a past secretary of the Public Health Nursing section of the American Public Health Association. She is also the 1974 recipient of the Haven Emerson Award, the highest honor awarded by the Public Health Association of New York City. A nationally renowned leader in public health nursing, Reese influenced the course of home care nursing during a turbulent time of social unrest and Great Society initiatives in health care. Throughout her career, Reese continually advocated for coordinated, cost-effective services. Self-effacing and soft-spoken during a 1998 interview, Reese conjured an image of her younger self, and remembered some of the realities of reaching adulthood during the Great Depression. Her reflections on home health care, nursing, and the role of public health agencies are rooted in core values of social justice and multidisciplinary action.