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Practical Suggestions for Community Interventions Using Participatory Action Research


  • Patricia J. Kelly, R.N., Ph.D., M.P.H., F.N.P., is Associate Professor, School of Nursing /Medicine, University of Missouri-Kansas, Kansas City, Missouri.

* Patricia J. Kelly, Ph.D., School of Nursing /Medicine, University of Missouri-Kansas, 2220 Holmes Street, Kansas City, MO 64108. E-mail:


Abstract  Advanced practice nurses and nurse researchers with experience in clinical settings may encounter challenges in the initial development and implementation of community-based projects. Participatory action research methodology, a user-friendly framework for community-based research activities, provides a way for researchers and community members to work together to define a problem, take action, and evaluate their work. This article attempts to bridge the theory-implementation gap by describing background steps that researchers can use when conceptualizing and initiating a research project with community partners. Suggestions for initial steps and the planning and review cycles are presented, along with examples from the literature.