Caley, L. M. (2004). Using geographic information systems to design population-based interventions. Public Health Nursing, 21(6), 547–554.

In the article cited above, Table 2 was inadvertently deleted from the final version. The table, shown below, should have appeared on p. 550 in the discussion of Project Objectives. We apologize to Dr. Caley and readers for this error.

Table 2. Spreadsheet of Organizations After Geocoding
608 William St.1Physician provider608 William St.M100L14206
100 High St.1Health system100 High St.M100L14203
462 Grider St.1Hospital462 Grider St.M100L14215
397 Northland Ave.2Boys and girls clubs397 Northland Ave.M100R14208
190 Franklin St.2YWCA190 Franklin St.M100L14202
26 Brunswick Blvd.6Churches26 Brunswick Blvd.M100L14208
1490 Jefferson4Head start1490 JeffersonM 81L14208
1328 E. Delavan4Day care1328 E. DelavanU  0     0
386 Perry4HUD sites386 PerryM 81L14204
416 Louisiana4City counseling center416 LouisianaM 81L14204
70 Harvard Place5Community action organization70 Harvard PlaceU  0 14209
65 Niagara Sq.5Division of youth65 Niagara Sq.M100L14202
625 Delaware Ave.3Prenatal-perinatal network625 Delaware Ave.U  0 13123