The Relcom Network: An Investigation of Its Users


  • Alexander E. Voiskounsky

    Corresponding author
    1. Alexander Voiskounsky (PhD in psychology, Moscow State University) is in the Faculty of the Psychology Department, Moscow State University and deputy head of the General psychology chair. His research interests and publications include psychology of human communication, psychology of thinking, and methods of psychological research. His main research interest is now in the field of CMC. He is the author of over 70 research publications, mostly in Russian.
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Address: Department of Psychology, Moscow University, Mokhovaya str. 8, Moscow 103009, Russia.


Relcom is the most intensively used network available of the former Soviet Union, and its users form a sample of highly active and educated citizens of the newly-formed independent states. To describe this newly-formed sample, surveys of the users were conducted via the network. The results include data on demographic characteristics of users, their attitudes, motivations, and typical ways of network usage. Attitudes towards possible social monitoring service functioning in the network are also investigated, and the potential directions of its functioning are rated by the respondents.