Combining Approaches for the Study of Networks on the Internet


  • Anne Beaulieu

    Corresponding author
    1. Senior researcher at Networked Research and Digital Information (Nerdi, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam). She received both her BA (Humanistic Studies) and MA (Communication) from McGill University (Canada), and her PhD (Science and Technology Dynamics) from the University of Amsterdam. She is a visiting fellow of the Science Studies Centre, University of Bath, UK, where she was a lecturer in Science, Culture and Communication until joining Nerdi. She is also appointed to the Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam. She has published on the role of digital technology in research in Social Studies of Science and Science Technology and Human Values among other journals. Her most recent and current work addresses sociological and cultural issues in databasing and sharing of digital information in scientific research. She is also interested in methodological issues in Internet studies and virtual ethnography.
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Address: Nerdi, NIWI-KNAW, Joan Muyskenweg 25, PO Box 95110, 1090 HC Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Phone: +31 (0)20 462 8739 Fax: +31 (0)20 665 8013

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