CancerSPACE: An Interactive E-learning Tool Aimed to Improve Cancer Screening Rates



Aimed to Improve Cancer Screening Rates.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States today. Due to advances in new medical technology, screening devices for many cancers including breast, cervical, and colon cancers, are drastically reducing mortality rates. These technologies are able to detect cancer early, allowing for earlier treatment and a better survival rate. Unfortunately, many people, especially those in low socioeconomic groups, those without health insurance, and minority groups have very low cancer screening rates. As a result of not being screened, these populations face higher rates of cancer. One way to improve cancer screening rates in low income and minority populations is to target the healthcare staff which works with them. CancerSPACE (Simulated Practice and Collaborative Education) is aimed to improve cancer screening education among healthcare professionals in a virtual, interactive, easy to use online simulation presented in a game format. Simulated education, such as this, can be used on an individual basis at times and locations which are convenient for staff members. It also helps the user to retain information, stay engaged with the task at hand, and learn how to apply the information presented into a real clinical environment.