• SIDE theory;
  • e-mail use;
  • text messaging;
  • organizational norms;
  • superior/subordinate communication

Relying on SIDE theory, this 2 × 2 experimental design tested the effects of adherence to organizational norms and interpersonal familiarity in e-mail messages from both superior and subordinate perspectives. Results reveal that using norm-congruent e-mail messages account for over 50% of the variance in both superior and subordinate attitudes toward the message and between 30% and 56% of the variance in perceptions of source credibility. Data from the superiors indicate that norm congruent e-mail messages account for 14.4% of the variance in message compliance. Results from subordinates reveal an interaction effect that is consistent with SIDE-based predictions. Subordinates believe superiors are most likely to comply with e-mail requests from unfamiliar subordinates that are crafted in a manner congruent with organizational norms.