A Hyperlink and Semantic Network Analysis of the Triple Helix (University-Government-Industry): The Interorganizational Communication Structure of Nanotechnology



This study investigates the interorganizational communication structures of the academic, private, and public sectors of nanotechnology in cyberspace. Few studies have examined systematically the ways these three major sectors contribute to the social construction of nanotechnology. The current study examines hyperlink and semantic networks of nanotechnology websites. Results show that academic websites revealed specific aspects of nanotechnology such as the uses and scales (units) of nanotechnology. However, the business sector exhibited a salient clustering of words regarding the developers and possible applications of nanotechnology. In hyperlink networks, the industry website nanobot.blogspot.com demonstrated high centrality. There were transitive and cyclic linkages among the 3 sectors. Findings offer important implications for the social construction of nanotechnology.