The Cunning of Trust



    1. PHILIP PETTIT is Professor of Social and Political Theory at the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University. He wrote, with John Braithwaite, Not Just Deserrs: A Republican Theory of Criminal Justice (Oxford, 19901, and is the author of The Common Mind: An Essay on Psychology, Society and Politics (Oxford University Press, 1996). He is currently writing a book on the republican theory of liberty and government. This is his first article in Philosophy & Public Affairs.
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  • I thank John and Val Braithwaite for getting me interested in trust and for giving me some insight into it. I am grateful to a large number of people for the incisive comments that I received when an earlier version of the paper was presented at a workshop on trust in the Australian National University, and at seminars at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Stanford University. I cannot hope to name them all. I was led to make a number of significant changes by the comments of the editors of Philosophy & Public Affairs.