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Relationships and Responsibilities



    1. SAMUEL SCHEFFLER is Professor of Philosophy and Law at the University of California, Berkeley. His publications include Human Morality (Oxford, 19921, and The Rejection of Consequentialism (Oxford, rev. ed. 1994). He is an Associate Editor of, and past contributor to, Philosophy & Public Affairs.
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  • This is a much-revised version of the paper that I delivered at the Eleventh Jerusalem Philosophical Encounter in December 1995. Versions of the paper were also presented to the NYU Colloquium in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory; the Columbia Legal Theory Workshop; philosophy department colloquia at Arizona State, Stanford, the University of Miami, and the University of Michigan; and my fall 1995 graduate seminar at Berkeley. I am very grateful to all of these audiences for extremely helpful discussion. Special thanks also to Yael Tamir, who was my commentator in Jerusalem, and to Christopher Kutz, Jeff McMahan, Daniel Statrnan, Wai-hung Wong, and a reader for Philosophy C Public Affairs for providing me with valuable written comments.