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The Responsibility Dilemma for Killing in War: A Review Essay


  • Versions of this article have been presented at workshops at Oxford, Keele, and the Association for Legal and Social Philosophy; many thanks to the conveners and participants of those meetings. For comments on recent drafts, special thanks to Zahler Bryan, Janina Dill, Cécile Fabre, Helen Frowe, Per Ilsaas, Larry May, David Miller, David Rodin, Klem Ryan, Guy Sela, Nicholas Southwood, Adam Swift, Victor Tadros, Peter Vallentyne, Lea Ypi, and in particular Henry Shue. Thanks also to the reviewers at Philosophy & Public Affairs, whose suggestions and objections were invaluable. Finally, Jeff McMahan has been both extraordinarily generous with his time and an inspiration. For all that this article is a critique of his work, Killing in War is the high-water mark of just war theory since Just and Unjust Wars.