The Endowment Tax Puzzle


  • This article has greatly benefited from the helpful comments of many, including Arthur Applbaum, Daniel Baer, Glenn Cohen, Adam Hosein, Arnon Levy, Douglas Marshall, Joseph Mazor, Japa Pallikkathayil, Edward Parson, Kranti Saran, Susanna Siegel, Kritika Yegnashankaran, Lawrence Zelenak, the participants in Harvard University's Moral and Political Philosophy Workshop and the 2008–09 Project on Justice, Welfare, and Economics Lunch Seminars, and the Editors of Philosophy & Public Affairs. I am especially indebted to Frances M. Kamm, T. M. Scanlon, S. Andrew Schroeder, Amartya Sen, and Lucas Stanczyk for their extensive comments and invaluable suggestions. This article is a revised version of the first chapter of my forthcoming Ph.D. dissertation, “Justice, Unequal Talents, and the Market” (Harvard University).