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Perfectionist Liberalism and Political Liberalism


  • This article was first written for a conference on Isaiah Berlin at Harvard University, September 2009. I am grateful for the very helpful comments of Erin Kelly and Thomas Scanlon on that occasion. The main ideas originated in a discussion following Joseph Raz's presentation to the Law-Philosophy Workshop at the University of Chicago in November 2008 and published on the University of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog. I am grateful to Raz for discussion on that occasion. For discussion of these issues over the years I am grateful to Charles Larmore, and for comments on a draft I am grateful to Daniel Brudney, Agnes Callard, Rosalind Dixon, Aziz Huq, Andrew Koppelman, Brian Leiter, Micah Lott, and Henry Richardson. Finally, I am extremely grateful to the Editors of Philosophy & Public Affairs for their painstaking and extremely valuable comments.

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