Productive Justice


  • For criticisms of earlier versions of the argument, I would like to thank Arthur Applbaum, Eric Beerbohm, James Brandt, Jonathan Bruno, Daniela Cammack, Glenn Cohen, Elizabeth Coup, Norman Daniels, Michael Frazer, A. J. Julius, Matthew Landauer, Adam Lebovitz, Yascha Mounk, Joe Muller, Eric Nelson, Michael Rosen, Nancy Rosenblum, Emma Saunders-Hastings, S. Andrew Schroeder, Dennis Thompson, Andrea Tivig, Don Tontiplaphol, Dan Wikler, Bernardo Zacka, and several audiences at MIT and Harvard. I am especially grateful to Nir Eyal, Sean Ingham, Kristi Olson, the editor of Philosophy & Public Affairs, and two anonymous reviewers for their very generous and incisive written comments.