Figure S1. Microsatellite factorial correspondence analysis (FCA) plot. Factorial correspondence plot illustrating the genetic structure observed based on microsatellite variability in European badgers. Abbreviations within clusters: No, Norway; CE, Central Europe; Sp, Spain; Br, Britain (England, Scotland and Wales); and Ir, Ireland. The other coloured abbreviations: Ne, North England; Gl, Gloucester; Es, Essex; Ho, Holland; Lu, Luxembourg; Swz, Switzerland; and W, Wales.

Figure S2. Mitochondrial DNA 50% majority rule consensus tree. Constructed from 215 bp of the control region mtDNA of the 19 European badger haplotypes. Meles anakuma are Japanese badgers (Tashima et al., 2011) used to root the tree. Values at the nodes are Bayesian Posterior Probabilities (see main text).

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