bij1939-sup-0001-si.doc249K Figure S1. No outlier locality was detected by decomposed pairwise regression method within Nahuel Huapi Lake. Mean and 95% confidence interval for the residuals obtained from the regression of all pairs of localities within are shown, all confidence intervals include 0.
bij1939-sup-0001-si.doc249K Figure S2. (A) Regression and 95% confidence intervals of canonical variates (CVs) versus centroid size. CV1 adjusted to a quadratic function (left panel), whereas CV2 and CV3 (middle and right panel, respectively) adjusted to a cubic function. Each genetic group is shown with media and 95% confidence interval. Centroid size range of each genetic group is shown to the lower right of the left panel. (B) Mean canonical variates after removing size effect from shape variables.
bij1939-sup-0001-si.doc249K Table S1. Allele frequencies and sample size by locus and location. Private alleles are bold. P-values for the Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium exact tests are shown.

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