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Figure S1. Phylogeny of bee species of the Annosmia-Hoplitis group. Parsimony bootstrap consensus tree with bootstrap values.


Figure S2. Phylogeny of bee species of the Annosmia-Hoplitis group. Maximum likelihood tree with bootstrap values. All nodes with bootstrap values of less than 50% were collapsed.


Table S1. Collection localities, voucher numbers and GenBank accession numbers of the bee species of the Annosmia-Hoplitis group included in the phylogeny. The names of the authors of the study are given by initials. Voucher specimens are deposited in the Entomological Collection of the ETH Zurich. ALG, Algeria; CYP, Cyprus; FRA, France; GRE, Greece; ITA, Italy; IRI, Iran; ISR, Israel and Palestine; JOR, Jordan; MAR, Morocco; OMA, Oman; POR, Portugal; SUI, Switzerland; SYR, Syria; TUN, Tunisia; TUR, Turkey; UEA, United Arab Emirates; USA, United States of America.

Table S2. Primers used and reaction conditions applied for the five genetic markers used in this study.

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